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Testimonials: Testimonials

Yee was incredibly calming and very receptive. I felt so relaxed as if I was talking to myself (no secrets) and I walked away believing my problem was solved! Never at any point did I feel uncomfortable or resist being transparent. I was experiencing a strained period with my husband (post baby) and was becoming dangerously indifferent towards him, but after talking to Yee she offered a new perspective of viewing the relationship/situation and I can honestly say it saved my marriage. Yee possesses the gift to help you see this, which then naturally starts putting things into place. I have talked to so many people but no one, aside Yee, has managed to make me feel liberated and stress free. It’s like she literally takes a weight off your shoulders. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Anonymous - London, UK

Green Leaves

The coaching was a very valuable experience for me, Yee made me feel very relaxed and I felt totally comfortable speaking and being open with her. She allowed me to reach a deeper understanding and see things in a way I never thought of before. I would definitely recommend!

Theresa - London, UK

Hot Air Balloons

I was going through a time of frustration. I couldn’t pinpoint the reasons for the way I was feeling but I knew I wanted to do something about it and to move forward. Going to Yee has brought me clarity in where these feelings stem from and what they represent within me. After the sessions with Yee, I've come away feeling much lighter and with a greater understanding of myself and how I perceive things which enabled me to move forwards. I highly recommend Yee if you are looking for a coach, who is patient, understanding and non-judgmental.

Sue - London, UK

Bench with a View

I was about to make the move back to my hometown after living abroad for a few years and was feeling stressed and uncertain about what path to take next professionally. Working with Yee helped me to be able to pause for a moment and organize my thoughts.

Yee was able to help me transform my feeling of uncertainty to confidently focusing on my future. She has a natural way of allowing you to feel relaxed while empowering you to take life to the next level. Yee is trustworthy and is truly invested in her clients.

Sandy - Abu Dhabi, UAE


Thank you so much for helping find my inner peace. I’m so happy that I decided to come to see you when I needed guidance and support. Your methodology help me name and identify my lizard brain, and my space of tranquility. I will forever keep “ocean” close to my heart. You have a special way of connecting with other. Thank you.

Leena - Abu Dhabi, UAE

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