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What do I do?

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I am a Certified Fulfilment Coach (CPCC) trained in the Co-Active model with CTI (Coaches Training Institute). I work with women who feel lost and may have lost focus and direction along the way.

I help you remember who you are.

The authentic and confident you. 

By helping you achieve more clarity, balance and purpose, to live a more fulfilled life. Living each day as the person YOU want to be. I absolutely love what I do and it’s the most wonderful feeling seeing my clients grow and transform. 

My story so far...

If someone had told me years ago, I would be the person I am today I would have laughed out loud because that portrayed image of me could never be true. But here I am, sat here today writing this and feeling at the top of world. What changed??

I did.

I had a successful career in corporate retail for 10 years, before embarking on a new career path to train as a psychodynamic psychotherapist but I always felt something was missing. There was this inner void I couldn’t shake. The universe did its thing and my husbands’ work took us from my home town,  London to Abu Dhabi, the life as an expat began. Life was great… for a while. I met some truly inspiring people. Made some amazing friends and had wonderful experiences and adventures... but yet as time went on that missing feeling turned into emptiness and confusion. I felt lost, had no idea of my purpose? Or what I was doing with my life?

It was at this precise moment I came across life coaching. I found this amazing life coach and my journey of self-discovery and also my love affair of coaching began. I didn’t just see the changes in myself I felt them, and others did too. I’ve been there at rock bottom and also at the very top and everything in between, the journey isn’t easy and anything that is important never is, but with a helping hand anything is possible.  

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“Think of all the joy you'll find,
when you leave the world behind,
and bid your cares goodbye.
You Can Fly!”

Peter Pan

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Let today be the start of a wonderful journey.

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